Contract Engineering and Custom Applications

Access Platform.

Contract Engineering

Our team of professionals can also be contracted for the following tasks:

  • Plant layout design
  • 3D system design
  • Design and prototyping of custom equipment

Custom Solutions

At InLine Motion we will take your idea from concept, to design, review, testing, and finally to production. Our engineers have considerable experience outside their material handling expertise. We have done numerous projects such as customized inlays for tile, custom trophies, business signs, property markers, desk nameplates, and custom metal art for decor just to name a few. We can make just about anything that you can imagine. If your idea is not something within our proficiency, we will use our extensive contacts across different industries to make sure that you are referred to a qualified individual.

With our extensive contacts across multiple industries, we can make just about anything that you can imagine.
InLine Motion 3D Printed Conveyor: The conveyor was designed using SolidWorks and printed with a dual extruder 3D printer. Water soluble PVA filament is used as a support structure, and then easily removed with water.
Access Platform.
Custom desk plate rendering.